On-site tailoring and alterations

Aside from being a family business that’s thrived for over one hundred years, something else that sets Ludlows apart from other menswear stores is their utmost attention to quality and customer service. In that regard they have on site a master tailor who apprenticed in Italy and has more than fifty years invested in his craft.

Vito Agriesti

Vito Agriesti


Vito came to Ludlows three years ago, bringing his extensive experience and expertise with him. Having apprenticed in Italy for five years, he then worked for various menswear establishments over the next thirteen years, before he went on to cultivate his craft for the next thirty two years working for himself.


Part of what makes a master tailor is not just the ability to set sleeves and execute alterations but to have the competence and talent to create a full suit from nothing but measurements and cloth, as well as having decades of practice.

There is a certain sophistication and intimacy that comes from having a classically trained and seasoned tailor on staff and that is all part of the Ludlows vision and experience. Stop by the shop to see for yourself.

For more information or to setup an appointment email us here or feel free to call Vito directly at the store at 1519 752 5475